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Tais Frozi Antunes, BS, MBPSs, CRP/RS



Tais graduated at Caxias do Sul University in Brazil with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1996. Tais have never imagined that she would move thirteen times around the world. As such, she is licensed in Brazil (CRP07/07609) and the UK (MBPSs512980). She is very grateful to have had these opportunities that allowed her to embrace different cultures and meet wonderful people along the way.

As she moved between cities, states, and countries, she gained experience with different specialties.  First, she specialized in Adolescence with Emphasis on Drug Misuse Treatment at Campos de Andrade University in Parana Brazil. In the next move, she got the opportunity to specialize in Women’s Health at Sao Paulo Public Health University in Sao Paulo Brazil. After that she to England where she worked as a Psychotherapist before moving to the United States. She has lived here since 2011 and after being warmly welcomed in the Atlanta area, chose settled down here.

Tais is currently studying Psychoanalysis at New England Institute of Psychoanalysis. She is also under supervision pursuing her licensure as a Georgia Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the United States.


Tais’s very first experience in Brazil was at the Brazilian Red Cross where she worked with a drug addiction team in a multi professional settings. During this time, she encountered many enriching exchanges of professional specialties all coming together to offer the best care to the patients. Following that, she specialized in Adolescence and Drug Misuse treatment at ONG-ASSOMA researching and implementing staff training and education to workers at the Institution as well as working with prevention and treatment plan for youth being rescued from poverty.

The complexity of needs in the different settings Tais has been in required a Holistic approach. Therefore, she used CBT, play therapy, support therapy, person centered, and humanist approaches to achieve positive outcomes. Since the pandemic, she has been working online with clients around the world and continued to use a variety of methods that allow her to adjust the approach according to the client’s needs and personality traits.

Fun Facts:

Tais is a proud mom of an inquisitive teenager. She loves Georgia’s wonderful weather and well-defined seasons. She also loves animals, especially dogs. For self-care, she enjoys eating a healthy daily dose of coffee and chocolate. Reading, writing, learning, cooking for friends and family gatherings bring her joy.  While walking and playing sports keep her healthy.


*Addiction / Substance Abuse


*Adolescent Issues


*Borderline Personality Disorder

*Career Concerns and Exploration

*Marital/Couples Therapy


*Domestic Violence


*Mood Disorders


*Trauma / Abandonment Trauma

*Women’s Menopause Issues