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Olivia Ellis, MS, CRC, NCC, APC



After completing her bachelor’s from the University of Georgia, Olivia pursued her Master’s in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Georgia State University and graduated in 2022. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC – 596838) and is currently under supervision pursuing her licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Georgia.


Through her internship, Olivia provided individual and group counseling to adolescents with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. She counseled clients experiencing anger, trauma, depression, and relationship issues. While completing her master’s degree, Olivia has also provided crisis counseling as a volunteer with Crisis Text Line. Olivia believes it is important to develop a collaborative relationship with clients. She prioritizes respect for one’s choices, but also relies on direct confrontation when necessary. Olivia believes that a goal-oriented approach is important when creating change.

Olivia’s eclectic approach is based on CBT and DBT to bring awareness and facilitate change. She also uses trauma-informed techniques to emphasize understanding on the impact of an event. She also finds it necessary to draw in other approaches to tailor to a client’s needs. Olivia believes taking a problem-solving approach with a collaborative client relationship will benefit individuals when achieving goals.

Fun Facts:

Olivia is a loving sister, friend, and dog-mom. She enjoys walks with friends, reading, and games. She is only offering virtual therapy sessions at this time.



* Adolescent

* Adolescents Issues

* Anger

* Anxiety

* Autism

* Bipolar Disorder

* Career Concerns and Exploration

* Conduct Disorders

* Depression

* Disabilities

* Domestic Violence

* Down Syndrome

* Family Issues


* Oppositional Defiant Disorder

* Relationship Issues

* Sexual Abuse

* Sexual Issues

* Trauma

* Women’s Issues