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Samantha Panter, MS, NCC, APC



Samantha Panter is a license eligible Master Level Therapist. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of West Georgia in 2017. Samantha recently obtained her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health from Walden University in 2022. Over the past two years, Samantha has been working in mental health at an inpatient hospital and in private practice outpatient counseling. As a therapist, Samantha provides a safe space for clients to process their past traumas, finding ways to manage their life stressors and daily challenges, and building healthier connections with themselves and others.

Samantha has spent one year working as a crisis counselor in a treatment center with adults, adolescents, and children. Here, Samantha became comfortable working with people who presented with higher rates of trauma. Samantha worked in community mental health providing services to a broad age range from 5 years old to 89 years old. Samantha has 5 years experiencing facilitating groups for children and adolescents.


Samantha believes in tailoring the approach of therapy to best meet the client’s needs. The reason for this eclectic approach is that everyone has their own life story and different experiences. Samantha’s approach is rooted in person centered therapy, which believes that the client is the “expert” on their life story. Samantha often uses CBT, DBT, Adlerian, Existential, and TF-CBT in her sessions based on client’s experiences and needs.

Fun Facts:

Samantha is a mother and enjoys spending time with her family. Samantha loves food and can often be found exploring new restaurants to try. Samantha loves spending time in nature on a hike. Samantha is an avid reader and always working on a new book. Samantha enjoys listening to music and attends every concert she can.


* Adolescents

* Anxiety

* Children

* Conduct Disorders

* Depression

* Dual Diagnosis



* Relationship Issues

* Self-harm

* Sexual Abuse

* Trauma

* Women’s Issues