130 Vann Street NE Suite 220
Marietta, GA 30060



Behavioral Health & Wellness Center

Behavioral Health and Wellness Center

Counseling Innovations is a Behavioral Health and Wellness Center located in the heart of Marietta City, near the Square.

Our Mission is to help individuals achieve a healthy balance in life, through enhancing self-awareness, personal growth, empowerment, spirituality, and emotional healing.

Our therapists have specialty training in several areas. All of the therapists at Counseling Innovations are diversified, educated with a master’s degree or higher, and are licensed to practice in the state of Georgia.

We provide therapy services to children, adolescents and adults across a broad spectrum of mental and behavioral health issues.

We offer play therapy to children 3 and up, and have a fully equipped play room to allow children to communicate feelings and needs through their language of play.

We offer Canine Assisted Play Therapy (CAPT) to enhance your child’s ability to feel calmer and more motivated in the therapeutic process. CAPT has been proven to enhance rapport with the therapist, reduce anxiety, strengthen empathy, increase social skills and awareness of others, build positive relationships, and improve your child’s ability to express feelings.