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Aprylle Ross, MEd, APC



Aprylle is an Associate Professional Counselor and earned her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from the University of West Georgia. She is passionate about working with adolescents and young adults and believes in providing a safe space for her clients to begin their journey into mental wellness.

Aprylle has worked in a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital providing therapy to children and adolescents struggling with anger, anxiety, and depression. She brings with her several years of experience as a high school educator where in addition to teaching, she served in the capacity of a mentor and provided guidance in life transitions and career preparation.

Aprylle is a wife, mother, sister, friend and sister-friend. She loves musical theatre, reading, and sunny days. She believes in having accountability, taking responsibility, extending grace, and following through.


Aprylle’s eclectic theoretical approach is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy and integrates elements of solution-focused and mindfulness strategies to empower clients. She helps them gain awareness about their emotions, behaviors, and social interactions and motivates them to begin positive change.


* Adolescents

* Adolescence Issues

* Anger

* Anxiety

* Career Concerns and Exploration

* Children

* Depression

* Gay/lesbian issues


* Minority issues

* Trauma

* Women’s Issues

*Life Transitions